Pracownia Badań Systemów Depozycyjnych

Depositional Systems Research Unit

Krygowskiego 12, 61-680 Poznań, Poland
phone +48-61-829 6028

As Depositional Systems Research Unit, we conduct research on fossil and modern continental, sedimentary and biogeochemical depositional systems, such as fluvial, lacustrine, glacial, marine and peatbogs. Our research work focuses on the identification of the sediment provenance (e.g., heavy minerals, etc.) along with the recognition of processes and factors that determine and affect the transport, deposition and post-depositional alterations such as deformation and diagenesis. These investigation contribute to the comprehensive reconstruction of sedimentary environments. Techniques we employ include facies analysis, microfacies analysis, malacology, isotope geochemistry, geochronology, and others.

Our team members have gained our experience in many foreign research institutions in Denmark, England, Portugal, and at German universities in Aachen, Greifswald, and Berlin.
We are members and experts of numerous national and international associations, e.g., INQUA (Peribaltic Group and PATA), Geological Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Quaternary Research Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences (, Polish Geological Society.

Our teaching program spans Quaternary Geology of Poland, Global environmental changes in the Holocene, Continental sedimentation environments, Sedimentology, Facies analysis, Palaeontology and stratigraphy, Isotope geochemistry, Mineral Resources in Poland. We also conduct field courses on the Baltic Sea, in the Polish Lowlands and in the Sudetes.